Prepare drawing of a shoe or boot with the title "Walk A Mile In My Shoes". Copy one for each participant.


  • Ask questions related to parts of the shoe. Use open

ended questions such as:

  1. (for the heel) - "A heel is a part of a shoe, but it also has other meanings. If another person is on our heels or if we are under their heels, we may be feeling stressed or powerless. What makes you feel that way?"
  2. (for the tongue of the shoe) - "Who do I talk to when I really need to talk?"
  3. (for the sole) - "What helps my soul?" or "Who is a soulmate to me, and what qualities do they have?"
  4. (for the arches) "Who gives me support?"
  5. (for the laces) "What keeps my life tied together? Is my life tied up securely, or are there loose ends that I trip over?"
  • Allow time for everyone to fill in responses, then share.