Use for short introductions at the start of a "heavy" or "intense" kind of meeting in order to lighten the atmosphere.


1 roll of toilet paper (if you "borrow" it from an office bathroom, be kind and leave some for your colleagues!)


Pass around a roll of toilet paper and say something like "just in case this meeting gets a little messy, everyone needs to take some" (with no other qualifiers or instruction). Then go on with other business (agenda, minutes, "housekeeping" items...) as the roll makes it way around the room.

Some folks by nature will take many "squares" and some just a few.. once everyone has had the roll, and you've finished other business, ask everyone to introduce themselves and share with the group as many "things" about themselves as number of "squares" they took! You can suggest the "things" be generic or make it work-related. You choose.