Make paper hats with the following roles/descriptors:

  • Boss: Do as I say
  • Expert: Ask me about everything
  • Loser: Interrupt or dismiss me
  • Clueless: Treat me like I don't know anything
  • Insignificant: Ignore me
  • Follower: Tell me what to do
  • Scapegoat: Blame me

Feel free to create your own. These are all negative behaviors, because we're trying to have the group experience what negative treatment feels like (giving and receiving).


Provide everyone with a hat, but don't let them see their role. Prompt the group to interact with others based on the hats that others wear. It's up to the individual wearer to guess their role based on how others treat them.


As the initial game, or as Round 2 of the above game, a series of positive behaviour role hats can be added to the mix (e.g. Helper, Listener, Peacemaker, etc.)

Consider wearing two hats...