Pre-made PicturesEdit


Magazines, or an array of pre-selected pictures and postcards.


  • Invite the group members to look through the

collection of about 200 images and select one or two images that:

    • Capture their current state of being.
    • Show where they were 5 years ago, and where they are now.
    • Show where they are now, and where they hope to be in 5 years.
    • Any other variation of this idea.

Share around the room.

Homemade PicturesEdit

Draw a picture of who you are right now. In pairs have your partner interpret what they see in your picture; no corrections or hints allowed from the artist! This may be done as a large group with the person to the right or left holding up the picture and interpreting for the group. After all interpretations are done individuals may then share what was true about interpretations that they didn't intentionally put in, and what was missed.