A self-esteem booster to start a buildup program.

Have each participant pair up with a buddy. Determine who is going to speak and who is going to listen first. Ask leading questions suited to the group such as:

  • "What is going really well in your personal (and/or professional) life?"
  • "What problems would you like to leave up on a shelf so that you can focus on the upcoming training?" (Certainly a risky step for some. Challenge by choice. Non-one has to answer if they don't feel comfortable. Big high fives and kudos for those that try.).
  • "If you could have dinner with anyone in the world or in history, who would it be and why?"
  • "Try to recall a powerful learning experience, then try to recreate the scene. Who was there? Why was it so memorable?"

Finish questions, then switch roles.

With different questions, the activity can be used with different ages and levels of functioning.


Have each person relate the information they recieved to the entire group.