Have you ever seen or bought a pack of magnetic words for your refrigerator? You can use them at work, too, or even make your own.

The Easy WayEdit

Buy them pre-made and arrange them on the side of your file cabinet. If you have a tall 4-drawer model, this works well. With a short one, you may need to sit down on the floor.  :)

The Medium WayEdit

Mount words on a cardboard backing and cut them out. They aren't magnetic, but will be sturdy enough to use on a regular tabletop.

The Hard WayEdit

You can purchase sheets of magnetic vinyl at a local sign making shop and attached words to the vinyl with spray photographic glue and then overlaid the words with self stick lamination sheets. The vinyl can easily be cut with a paper cutter. The words are easy to find in newspapers and magazines. You can also purchased a 2' X 3' sheet of sheet metal at the local hardware store and mount it onto a plywood frame to use as an arranging surface.


Have participants arrange words that capture their current situation or emotional state. Share.