1. Ask the group to stand in a circle.
  2. One person, standing outside of the circle, is "it".
  3. The outside person walks around the circle, chooses someone by tap[ping their shoulder, and says "Hello, how are you?" The other answers, "Good, thank-you". They shake hands, and then run in opposite directions until meet each other at the open spot again.
  4. At this point they shake hands again saying "It's nice meeting you." The original it, goes back to the empty spot and the game continues.


  • The role of it can be traded.
  • Spanish, or other languages may be substituted for English.
"Buenas Dias, como estas?" (for "Hello, how are you?").
"Bien Gracias" (for "Good, thank-you").
"Mucho Gusto" (for "It’s nice meeting you").

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