All are optional. Choose some from this list or make up your own.

  • paper cups
  • straws
  • tape
  • tissue paper
  • balloons
  • string
  • bubble wrap


Teams must construct a protective case that can help an egg survive a drop from 8 feet. Supplies are not unlimited. Assign cost points for each item (or per sheet, per inch, etc.) and take tokens or otherwise keep track of how much each team has spent. Initial purchase tokens can be the same for each person/team, or may be based on the behavior of individual team members (announcing this on the morning of the planned activity may be good incentive for kids to behave!). In any case, try to prevent some teams from being too disadvantaged by having many members with a low number of tokens. Time limit is up to you.

Sample Handout SheetEdit

Optional: For use with older groups.

Your customer is a distributor of raw eggs.

Extensive marketing research has revealed a huge, untapped market for the sale of eggs, not in the usual package of a dozen, but as an individual, single use product. In addition, focus groups and surveys have indicated that attractive and durable packaging are core performance attributes. This is so because the product will be placed above eye level, approximately eight feet, on supermarket shelves but nevertheless accessible and attractive to small children riding in shopping carts who are expected to reach for the product and, with some frequency, knock it to the floor.

Because this is a low cost item, the packaging must be as cost effective as possible; the less resources used the better.

Each team will be given supplies with which to construct the package.

Your customer is also anxious to monitor the utilization of the considerable human resources that will be required to come up with the design and execution of the packaging. Therefore, it will also be necessary to convince the customer that your team has made effective use of these resources. This will be done, before the package design is tested, by a creative one minute presentation by the team detailing its attributes and working relationships.

Therefore, your task as a team is to design and execute such a package and to prepare a presentation. The services of a world renowned consumer testing laboratory have been secured to test the various designs.

Each team will be given exactly fifteen minutes to create the package and the presentation. Then all the groups will assemble for a grand “drop off.”

You will be judged on durability (surviving the fall), cost effectiveness (least resources used) and creativity of your presentation. Unless no egg survives the test, durability is required as a condition of receiving points for cost effectiveness and creativity of the presentation.

Good luck, Your time starts now.