Checking Personal Gauges

Spontaneous NumberEdit

With 1 being low and 10 being high, have each participant rate how they are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. After each member has shared, the floor is then open to those wishing to explain their numbers - enjoying the discussion surrounding this subject.


Use a numbered scale where 1 is the worst you have felt and 10 the best moment in your life (this information might be, where appropriate, shared). How do you feel now? While a little bland and mundane, it does give us all (staff &/or participants) a way of comparing days and charting feelings over a multi-day program.


A very quick check-in with a group that works for people who are less articulate. It builds a quick picture of the group and respects differences. Each person gives a single temperature word or phrase to say how they're feeling right now. No explanations, discussion, speeches or questions allowed!


Method in which you throw numbers 1-5 depending on how one is feeling (aka Fists-of-Five).


Similar to rock-paper-scissors, except you adjust your thumb either up, side-ways, or down, depending on your mood.