Stand in a circle and tell your group: "We’re going camping this weekend, the only catch is that each person is only allowed to bring one thing. Only certain things are allowed, so you have to listen carefully. I'd like each person to say their name, then what they will bring."

This works best if you start with the Facilitators giving their answers, to provide a clue of what is allowed.

  • My name is Todd, and I'm bringing some towels.
  • My name is Frank, and I'm bringing some French fries.
  • My name is Billy, and I'm bringing my books.

Facilitators should respond enthusiastically to participants who 'get' the rule and suggest a matching item, but apologize to those who do not. Review what others have brought and give them another quick guess. If they are unsuccessful then go onto the next person. Continue around the circle until everyone has figured out the rule, providing extra chances to those who missed on the first round.


  • It can be a cruise or another kind of trip.
  • Rather than go around the room, the facilitator can say one thing at a time, letting people think about each one. Rather than a name item/match, it can be a riddle involving any group of things with a common trait or thread.