a.k.a. All My Neighbours, Have You Ever and Todos Mis Amigos


Chairs, carpet mats or other floor placemarkers


This game is a distant cousin to musical chairs. Everyone begins by sitting on chairs in a circle with one volunteer standing in the middle. Explain that the person in the middle needs to find some "friends". To do so, they'll make a true statement about themselves and hope that it will be true for others. Everyone that "identifies" with the statement has to then stand up and find an empty chair. The person in the center is also looking for a chair, so once again someone will be without a chair, and they get to go to the middle and find some "friends". Thefirst volunteer (or the facilitator) then begins with something like:

  • "All my neighbors... wearing blue jeans."

At this, everyone who is wearing jeans should jump out of their seats and look for an empty seat. The odd person out goes to the middle This game can easily last ten to fifteen minutes.


For More "Sedate" GroupsEdit

The group is in a circle, standing up. The facilitator is standing in the middle of the circle. Explain that you are going to make a variety of statements and you'd like everyone who "identifies" with the statement to join you in the center of the circle for "high fives." The facilitator then begins: "All my neighbors wearing white underwear." At this, everyone who is wearing white underwear should join the facilitator in the middle of the circle for a high five. Folks then return to their seats. The facilitator then goes on through 10 to 15 other such statements. Examples can include:

All my neighbors who...

  • are wearing socks
  • have an older sibling
  • were born in a month without an R in it
  • whose last digit of their social security number is odd
  • haven't had a detention (or been caught speeding, if adults) in a year
  • like Frosted Flakes
  • don't eat meat
  • (adults) were engaged to be married more than once
  • remember the name of Yogi Bear's sidekick
  • have watched Gone With the Wind in one sitting
  • know how to tie a bow tie
  • play the piano (even a little bit)
  • have been to a concert
  • have voted with an absentee ballot

Figure on ten minutes tops for this activity.


Use Spanish instead of English!

Ask the person in the middle to say something that is true about them, beginning with the phrase: "Todos mis amigos (which means all my friends in Spanish) who...". Examples:

Todos mis amigos who... like ice cream.
Todos mis amigos who... have been to Florida.
Todos mis amigos who... felt ashamed.